Valkyrie Trading

 Design, CREATIVE DIRECTION, brand and content strategy

Valkyrie Trading Company is a Chicago-based financial tech and trading company. Acting as Busby Potter, we built a fresh site from the ground up. Starting with only a logo and a single page website, we worked to develop the rest of a cohesive visual identity.

The primary goal of the site was to increase the number and quality of the applications. With this in mind, we developed a content strategy that focused on life at Valkyrie and why it is a great place to be, both personally and professionally. We brought in our friends at Liveside Media to capture life in the office through photography, bumper videos and a video highlighting the history of the company. The end site reinforces the working environment, giving applicants confidence in the company and helping them to imagine themselves as a part of it.


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PHOTOGRAPHY + VIDEOGRAPHY – LIVESIDE MEDIA; Web Development – Kate Busby of Busby Potter