Four Star Family Cyclery

CREATIVE DIRECTION, Logo, Branding, Website


Located in the heart of Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood, Four Star Family Cyclery was founded with the vision of helping families discover the freedom, joy, and simplicity of life by bike. Differentiating itself from other neighborhood bike shops, Four Star specializes in cargo bikes for families with one or more children, equipping them to live a completely car-free.

Given its unique business model without a brick-and-mortar shop, and philosophy to educate and equip based on customer-specific needs, we worked together to craft a family-friendly, simple and approachable brand.


The Mark

With its name referencing the four stars of Chicago's flag, we wanted to make a mark that felt instantly familiar and recognize the city that customers bike every day. Additionally, the stars signify the four offerings of the shop: Bike Sales, Bike Rentals, Equipment and Lifestyle Consultation, and Mobile Service.


Building the brand

We began to develop a visual palette and library of illustrations, iconography and patterns that would become a part of the brand. The palette and typography was kept simple so as to not over-complicate information. A branded illustration of the Urban Arrow (fondly referred to as "Mother of All Bikes" and "the bike that started it all") became a crucial part of the look.


Art and Creative Direction:

We worked with Liveside Media (who did a phenomenal job) to build a library of images of Four Star customers around the city. We wanted the images to feel friendly but also urban, and most importantly, to sell the lifestyle rather than just a bike.


expanding the brand

Using all the pieces we built, the collateral pieces began to come together. We made business cards, displays for booths at street fairs, t-shirts to wear during bike delivery and mobile consulting and more.


An inviting digital presence:

The bike industry largely has not caught up with the advances of the internet in the past few years. Because Four Star is strategically positioned as a lifestyle, family-centric brand, it was vital to the success of the company to create a website that walked potential customers through the process, providing them with resources and information about biking as a family.


Check out the website →


A historically-based guerilla marketing campaign:

To start conversations and raise awareness of biking as a lifestyle and the shop while it was in its early months, we re-purposed an empowering little piece of history into a t-shirt.


Photography – Liveside Media